So the name is River, 17, Fourth year of College, United States. Castle, Doctor Who, Top Gear, Firefly, The Mentalist, Caskett, Jisbon, etc... I write fanfiction so feel free to review any of my work.
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*hears intro to Sugar We’re Going Down* … *runs into room* AM I MORE THAN YOU BARGAINED FOR YET *kicks wall* I’VE BEEN DYING TO TELL YOU ANYTHING *punches chair* YOU WANNA HEAR *throws table* COS THAT’S JUST WHO I AM THIS WEEK

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his smile… 

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buffy rewatch  killed by death


{Minimalist}Questions that “Driven” left us. 

Me: ah, yes. Home alone. I can do whatever I want!
Me: *turns TV up a couple notches*
Me: *watches YouTube videos without headphones*
Me: getting crazy up in here
Teresa Lisbon: [after LaRoche leaves] God, I miss Hightower. Aside from the murder stuff obviously. Screw it- even with the murder stuff. How does he just appear out of nowhere like that?
Patrick Jane: He's a ghost - from the fifth dimension. Right, Rigsby?
Wayne Rigsby: He's the boss. Not going there.



This is one of the most adorable comics I’ve ever read

I’ve been waiting for this to pop back up on my dashboard.. we are way too hard on ourselves.

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I hope, that one day zuko will call Iroh Dad instead of Uncle. Maybe accidentally , but will

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i will always reblog this

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a person complaining about puns basically invites every pun enthusiast in the vicinity to come snapping rhythmically from the shadows 


Teresa Lisbon: Who do you think did it?
Patrick Jane: Jabba the Hutt.
Teresa Lisbon: Seriously.
Patrick Jane: Ming the Merciless.
Teresa Lisbon: Okay...
Patrick Jane: Alf?
Teresa Lisbon: When the aliens do come, I hope they eat you.



if you use the bible as an excuse towards being anti gay dont forget that:

  • shrimp
  • pork
  • obesity
  • torn clothes (like ripped jeans)
  • wearing clothing made from 2 different fabrics
  • cutting your hair
  • shaving
  • tattoos
  • and working on Sundays

are all listed as abominations in the bible as well